Coco Jafro

Coco Jafro - Iron Mountain Music Festival

Coco Jafro is here to liberate, invigorate and elevate, igniting your senses with seductively smooth vibrations from around the globe. Linger in the rhythms and savour the flavours from Africa to The Americas. A revelation for a revolution, this innovative Afro Funk - Latin Soul ensemble unlocks a powerful desire to live with freedom and move with abandon. Break free from whatever is holding you back and follow this dynamic group as they lead you to a world of positive, energetic celebration. Socially conscious, culturally curious, musically notorious; CBC Searchlight and Breakout West acclaimed and crowd renowned Coco Jafro packs the floor and smashes the ceiling

“Coco Jafro nestles in the sonic embrace of soul, funk, R and B, and the global rhythms of Africa, the Americas and beyond. This group immediately hooks you with their deep grooves and alluring vibe. Their international perspective comes naturally by way of band mates who were born in exotic locales & their original material is gaining attention and airplay on CBC.” -Michael Juk Senior Producer, CBC Vancouver

"Vintage Funk & 21st Century Urban Cool" -World Beat Canada

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