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We do not call for immodesty and free mixing of the sexes. Facebook Digg Yahoo Del. Back to Homepage Font Size: But there have been those who allowed it for certain types of legal matters and forbade it in others like the Imam Abu Hanifa. The man further asked: We hope that we have been able to shed some light on the status of the Muslim woman in an Islamic society concerning her rights and duties.


They have to stay in their cells for 17 hours and urinate in plastic buckets. The prison is divided into seven departments, four for political detainees and prisoners and the other three for criminals that are about There are cases, he added, where defendants are detained and need complete revision to be replaced with other types of punishment. Hence, though she should demand her rights and practise them accordingly, this practice should be such that her modesty, dignity, virtue and sanctity be preserved. Al Zoheiri was one of 54 members of the group held for organizing protests against the assassination of the founder of Hamas Sheik Ahmad Yassin and his successor Dr. When she mentioned this to him he said:

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A simple metre rope and a narrow cell: all what the Egyptian regime needs to wipe out its opponents or even those who dare to speak out and exceed the limit set by the government for the Egyptian opposition. If the crime did not require killing (for political reasons rather than humanitarian. Stack Exchange network consists of Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share . 大谷さんは担任に何度も説明した。「紙の教科書では文字は追えても内容が頭に入ってこない。デジタル教科書の読み上げ音声や読んでいる所を.

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Since political prisoners were moved to Damanhour prisoner once again. When selecting a location for building and designing this prison, the ministry of interior took into consideration security measures to prevent prisoners from escaping and to give them the feeling of total isolation and compulsory confinement from outside world. They may also ask doctors held as prisoners to examine them. This right is to be regulated by an agreement between the husband and the wife.

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