All volunteers must be 18 years of age or older.

To volunteer, you must commit to 3 shifts at 4.5 hours a shift. One of these shifts has to be on the Friday for set up or on the Monday for breakdown.

There will be 3 shifts during each of the two festival days starting at 8:30 am, with a 15 min overlap between shifts (turn over) except for security.

Set up and take down will start at 9:00 am on their respective days.


  • Traffic/ parking cars, rv’s, and tent camping organization
  • Front gate tickets/ festival merchandise/ and vending ticket booths
  • Environmental/ garbage collection/ porta pottie inspections, and water refilling
  • Back stage band equipment help
  • Security/ to augment and work with the hired security
  • Floaters/ to aid in any volunteer position short falls

  • Benefits:

  • Week end pass to the Iron Mountain Music Festival
  • Volunteer T-shirt
  • One meal at the Smokin’ Jack concession (hamburger or smokie) or alternative if requested
  • Snacks (fruit and veggie plates) and beverages (pop or juice) at the volunteer centre.

  • Conduct & Rules:

    No use or consumption of drugs or alcohol during or prior to a volunteer shift.

    Respect for the patrons, supervising staff and fellow volunteers is a must. If a conflict arises with any of the aforementioned, do not escalate, one of the staff will intercede to handle the matter in a calm and effective manner.

    Any absence for a committed shift, with out previous acceptable notification, will terminate any further participation and benefits offered herein.

    Do not wear the provided volunteer shirt when off shift. If you do, you are under the same code of conduct as if you were on shift and will have to provide service(s) to any patrons that ask or are in need.

    It’s a Rhythm & Blues Festival, have fun!

    For an APPLICATION; e-mail volunteer@ironmountainmusicfestival.com and specify which format you prefer eg. Word (microsoft) Pages (macintosh) or PDF

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    July 14-15 2018
    Eighteen Pastures Golf Course
    (Ruskin) Mission BC

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